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by - Sunday, July 09, 2017

*ignore the dent in one of them

 I have seen Lottie London a few times on the internet for the last couple of the months, so I  decided to pick up one of there things. I got the Shimmer Squad Highlighter Kit which looked beautiful and really pigmented when I swatched it in Superdrug. The kit was £10 and on first impressions I thought it was a good price for what you get. 

The packaging is simple but different to everything else in the drugstore. It is black with white stripes and stars on and has a few pops of pink. When you open it you have a small square mirror on the lid. I think the packaging isn't that luxury but I think it is nice. 

For the actually product themselves, the highlighters are gorgeous. You get four in this palette and I love all of them all. They are all very different colours, there are a highlighters for lighter skin tones and darker skin tones. 

The first one is called 'The Good Girl' this is a light pink toned Highlighter, these types of colours are the shades I normally go for. Next is 'The Flirt' which is a coppery golden colour this one is lovely but doesn't suit my skin tone so I have been using this as eye shadow which I think looks amazing as well. I think this would look stunning on darker skin.  Thirdly is 'The Troublemaker' which is a white champagne-y sort of colour. This one is very white so if I wear this then I have to use quite a light hand or mix it with one of the others. Finally is 'The Queen Bee' which is a golden shade. I'm not normally one that will wear gold highlights but this one is really pretty. 

*swatches (unedited)

I think this is incredible and I would recommend for you too try it out. For £10 for four really pigmented, gorgeous highlighter shades I would definitely buy this if you are looking for some new ones. I will be looking at the other Lottie London products to try out as well because I love this one so much.

Have you ever tried any Lottie London products? 

Ellie x

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