Favourite YouTubers Under 1 Million

by - Sunday, July 23, 2017

 A lot of my favourite YouTubers have under 1 million subscribers. So I thought instead of just doing my favourite YouTubers I would do the ones with a smaller amount because some of these you may not know however they are as good as the people with 5 million subscribers.

main channels
Ebony Day - Ebony does all different types of videos and I think she is a really enjoyable YouTuber and seems like a really nice person.

Emily Canham - A lot of you have probably heard of Emily already but I love her videos! She does mostly beauty and hauls.

Olivia Grace - I have mentioned her in other blog posts and I still really like her videos now. She is really bubbly and chatty in her videos, I like her fashion ones especially.

Fabulous Hannah - Hannah does mostly beauty videos with a few random ones too. They are all fun and entertaining.

Floral Princess - I have been really enjoying Ana at the moment, she does a lot of different videos and I really like her collabs as well.

Gabriella - My favourite Youtuber is Gabriella because she is a amazing Youtuber and she seems so nice and genuine.

Lovevie - She is a really entertaining YouTuber as she is chatty and funny. Evie does a mix of videos.

LucyAndLydia - I really like joint channels at the moment and Lucy and Lydia are always so happy in their videos which makes them so enjoyable.

Sophia and Cinzia - I love this channel! Their vlogs are amazing as are their normal ones. They are really funny and chatty together.

SophDoesNails - Soph does mostly makeup videos with a few haul and collabs every now and then. She is amazing at makeup and I really enjoy her videos.

vlog channels
Our Tiny Tribe - This is Ebony Day's vlog channel but recently changed it to a family channel as she is pregnant. Her vlogs are so good like her main channel.

Gabriella Lindley - As I said Gabriella is my favourite YouTuber and her vlogs are just as amazing as her main channel.

Saffron Barker Vlogs - Saffron daily vlogs and I really enjoy watching them. I would include her main channel but she recently hit 1 million!

Floral Princess Vlogs - Ana recently started this channel but I have been loving the videos so far and not many of you would of heard about it so I decided to include it.

Those are my favourites at the moment and i hope you discovered some new YouTubers through this. I would love to know your favourites at the moment so leave a comment.

Ellie x

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  1. There are so many great YouTubers here and so many that I need to check out! I love Lucy and Lydia, and I'm loving both of Saffrons channels too xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush