Thoughts On Pretty Little Liars Finale

by - Friday, June 30, 2017

After Pretty Little Liars ending I thought I would share with you my thoughts on the whole story line. In the finale you were obviously going to find out who AD was and it defiantly revealed other sad and happy things.

Before I watched the episode I thought that it was Caleb but I also seen lots of theories about Wren and Spencer's evil twin. If it was Wren I would have been really disappointed as if it were Melissa.

The episode started with the girls talking and Lucas tap dancing and Jenna riding a horse which I'm not really sure what the point of it was. It then goes on to a year later; Emily and Alison had had their babies which I thought was really cute however it didn't really surprise me that they had twins.

When they throw the little friend gathering for Ezra and Aria's marriage when Mona turned around with a mask of Melissa on I was a bit disappointed but I'm glad it was Mona and Melissa wasn't part of the 'A Team'. Ali proposing to Emily was really cute and something I did not expect.

I think the scene when Spencer gets taken to AD's layer was a really good scene and the whole twin reveal was a good idea too. I think the idea of Spencer having a twin was quite predictable though. When Alex started telling Spencer the reason why she was AD it did confuse me because CeCe was horrible to Spencer but Mona killed CeCe but she was punishing the girl but I thought she wanted to punish CeCe's murderer. Also the accent that Alex had was awful and was actually making me laugh at how cringy it was.

I think the end scences were the best starting with Toby guessing which was Spencer was a good scene even though I had no idea which was which. It then goes on to Aria and Ezra's wedding which was really sweet and adding Marlene was nice as it was the last episode. The scene when the girls were hugging and crying was a sweet scene and adding in that Hanna was pregnant. It then went on to Mona who was keeping Alex and Mary as dolls which I was really glad about. The last scene was a copy of the first episode but with new girls and Addison going missing which I'm a bit confused about but I liked that they went back to the first episode.

I think the PLL episode was good and I did like the idea but I think if AD had been someone we knew really well it would have been better.

What did you think of the episode?

Ellie x

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