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by - Sunday, March 05, 2017

Today I'm going to share my blog photography tips even though my pictures are far from perfect, I thought I would do this post for people that might be just starting a blog because I wish I had this advice.

Background - You don't need to buy a super expensive background for your backgrounds to look nice. I printed the one I use from Google. I think wood and marble backgrounds look really nice but you could also just use a piece of paper or white bed covers for a white background.

Props - You can use all sorts of props in your pictures my favourites are makeup, stationary, books, notebooks, rings, little gems, clothing and the list goes on.

Blu-Tack - Perfect for sticking down things that are going to roll around such as lipsticks of stationary.

Natural Lighting - Natural Lighting is an essential if you use artificial lighting it makes your picture look really yellow, I have defiantly learnt that when I first started.

Editing - I think editing is how your pictures really look amazing but don't do it too much especially if you are doing a makeup post as the colours change. Also if you have a iPhone use the editing section in photos and also use Snapseed it is amazing!  

So that is my tips for blog photography, let me know yours because I defiantly want to improve.

Ellie x

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  1. These tips definitely helped me as I want to up my photography game! Blue tac is always a must for me. X


    1. I'm glad they helped you and yes Blue Tac is very useful x Ellie | Elzita