Girl Online Going Solo | Review

by - Thursday, December 08, 2016


As you probably know Zoe Sugg released a new book, Girl Online Going Solo a few weeks ago. So when I received this on my birthday and to see it was signed as I pre-ordered it, I was so excited to read it.

I knew this book was going to me incredible as I loved the other two. If you haven't read any of these you are missing out and are defiantly worth put them on your Christmas list.

If you aren't familiar of the 'Girl Online' series then it's basically about a teenage girl called Penny who suffers with anxiety and you see her meet Noah and what happens between them.

Girl Online Going Solo is around Penny trying to figure out herself while helping friends. I absolutely love this book just because its got so much drama and you just want to know what's going to happen next, there's always something going on which I love!

 I also love the front cover of these books and they look so pretty all lined up next to each other on my shelf. I love the orange with the dark pink writing also the emerald green on the inside looks so nice! I also really like how the pictures on the front represent well with what the books about.  

I really hope Zoe brings another book out next year to add to the series because I have read the other ones more times I have with any book because they are amazing.

Ellie x


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