Seventeen Easy On The Eye Birthday Suit | Review

by - Friday, September 09, 2016

As I have been really loving this palette recently I thought I would review it for you. This is the Seventeen Easy On The Eye palette in Birthday Suit.

 It costs around £5 which is amazing for 12 beautiful eye shadows. In this it has a eye primer, three cream and then a mixture of matte and shimmer eye shadows. 
TOP LINE: Gentle Pink, Sun Kissed Peach, Cool Rose, Toasted Almond, Bronzed Buff and Pink Flush
BOTTOM LINE: Warm Ivory, Radiant Gold, Warm Mink, Baked Chestnut, Burnt Copper and the Eye Primer.

This palette is quite pink apart from a few which I really like. I have been using Sun Kissed Peach all over my lid, then adding Toasted Almond which is my favourite shade from this palette in the crease and then if I want I will add a tad of Bake Chestnut in my very corner.

The creams in this are so nice, I have been using them quite a bit. My favourite out of the creams has to be Bronzed Buff but I do love the others.

Another thing I like is the packaging its so simple but I really like it.

If any of you have this palette which is your favourite shade?


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  1. The palette looks gorgeous, I love all the shades and its upper affordable. Great post! x


    1. It is gorgeous and thankyou X Ellie

  2. I love this pallete! Great blog post too :)

  3. I really want to try this palette! The shades are so all so lovely, definitely my kind of shades and so affordable! Great post x

    Erin // Everything Erin