25 Blog Post Ideas

by - Sunday, September 04, 2016

The thing that a lot of bloggers struggle with is ideas for blog posts. So I came up with 25 ideas that you might want to use.
1. A haul of your recent purchases
2. Show your monthly favourites
3. A review on a beauty product, book etc...
4. Share a recent event
5. Your current makeup look
6. Hairstyle ideas
7. What's in my bag?
8. Q and A
9. Do a tag
10. Current favourite songs, beauty products etc...
11. Photos from a day out
12. Seasonal essentials
13. Pamper routine
14. Blogging tips
15. Share you Top 5 favourites of something
16. Beauty products I want to try
17. A wish list
18. Most used beauty products
19. Instagram diary
20. Outfit of the day
21. Get Ready with Me
22. Empties
23. A makeup collection
24. Favourite youtubers
25. Current playlist
So that is 25 blog post ideas, let me know if you use any of these

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  1. Really helpful. Sometimes I feel like we bloggers know what we want to write about but aren't really sure if other people will read it or not. Love the 'Favourite Youtubers' part, Whats in my bag and the Tags!

    1. Thankyou and I agree sometimes it is really hard to think of ideas x Ellie | Elzita