June Favourites

by - Saturday, July 02, 2016


June has been and gone, but June has been a pretty good month for me. And within June I have found a few items that I love and want to share with you.

So my first item is the Little Mix Get Weird Album. I have loved Little Mix music since they first appeared on the X-Factor, so I knew I would like this one. All the songs are really catchy and I really like them all. All four of the girls have incredible voices!
My favourites from the Album has to be Hair and Secret Love Song but of course I listen to every single one.

Next is a eyeliner, I have never really used a eyeliner until this month. This eyeliner is by Colorsport. The eyeliner is not very expensive but I think its really good. The nib is pointed so it is very easy to do a flick which I have been loving recently.
*Photo credits to Eve's Instagram*

Recently have been loving two YouTube channels. The first I have mentioned in a previous favourite but I have been loving her videos so much recently. So the first one is Eve Bennett or ExtraEve. Eve Bennett is her main channel where she makes beauty, lifestyle and fashion videos, Eve is so funny and bubbly and I really love her videos. Also I have been obsessed with Eve's vlogs on her second channel 'Extra Eve'. Over the summer she is vlogging everyday and so far her vlogs are so enjoyable to watch!
The second channel is Lucy and Lydia. Lucy and Lydia are twins and you can really tell they put so much effort into their channel and videos, they do lots of different videos mainly fashion and beauty but every now and then the do a vlog or two. 

My last favourite is the Vampire Diaries, I love this TV show so much. I'm only on season one but I love it a lot. There's always something going on which I really like. The main characters are the two vampire brothers Stephen and Damon, there is also Elena who is a human. As I said I am only on season one so I don't know too much yet.

So those are my favourites, I hope you all had a good June.

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