A Weekend Away

by - Monday, June 13, 2016

In the half term me, my family and another family all went camping. So I thought I would tell you what we done that weekend.

On the Friday we travelled up but when we got there it was 9:00pm, so we didn't really do toooo much.

The next day me, my brother and two of the other boys there went on these bikes. It was so fun, having races around the campsite. Later that day we went swimming and also got a ice cream.


Sunday, we went on a train to Plymouth where we went crabbing. At first we didn't have much luck but then we went down to a other area and I caught a really big one. We then went to have a look around. After we went back to the campsite to play some games.

The last day came around so quickly. Just a few hours before we had to leave, we played golf. Of course I lost and my Dad came first.

That weekend was really fun, all the things that we did.


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