My Favourite Youtubers

by - Monday, May 09, 2016

Today I'm to be telling you about my favourite Youtubers. I love a lot of Youtubers but these are the ones I've been loving the most recently. Also none of these pictures are my own apart from the one above, they are all from their Instagrams.

Zoella (Zoe Sugg) - Zoe is a very well-known Youtuber, with now over 10 million subscribers. She makes videos mainly about beauty, fashion and lifestyle but she does do some collaborations with her other Youtube friends.

Gabriella (Gabbie Lindley) - You can tell that Gabbie puts a lot of effort into her videos. She has a really bubbly and cheery personality. She also makes vlogs on her second channel, which I enjoy to watch.

Eve Bennett - I really love Eve's videos as she is hilarious and her videos are really  enjoyable to watch. She has over 100k and she defiantly deserves it!

Floral Princess (Anastasia Kingsnorth) - I haven't watched Ana for that long but I really love her videos. She is very creative and good Youtuber to watch.

Olivia Grace -  I have only just found out about Olivia but her videos are incredible! She is 14 which I really like as it is a bit closer to my age. She is really creative and chatty in her videos, I really enjoy her collaborations with her other Youtube friends.

Lovevie (Evie) - Evie is friends with Olivia. She is really creative and similar to Livvy. I love their collaborations together they are so funny!  She has now over 33 thousand subscribers and I love her videos.

So those are my favourite Youtubers. If you have any good Youtubers that I haven't mentioned leave them below.

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