Clothing & Beauty Haul

by - Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Recently when I went to visit some family, there was I day when we went shopping. And this is what I got...

One of the clothing items I got was these shoes which are black, white and grey. These are very comfy and I love them! I also got a top from New Look. I've already got a top like this but its stripy. This is a bright pink top with cut outs at the shoulders.

I also got these two makeup pieces. I got the Technic Natural Lashes Clear Mascara, I got this for school as you aren't supposed to wear makeup. I also got the Technic Juicy Stick in a nude pink shade. I LOVE this! Its is a lipstick in a stick, it goes on soooo nicely and its a beautiful colour.
  The last things I got are from Lush. These two things are both from the Easter range. The first thing is 'Humpty Dumpty', this smells so good and it is really cute. This bath bomb is reusable so you can crack it and put half in. And the last things is the 'Golden Egg' bath bomb melt, this is a mixture of a bomb and a melt, so its good for your skin. This smells lovely but it is sooooooooo glittery so if you don't like glitter, you wont like it. But I love it.


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