My Weekend Pamper Routine

by - Saturday, February 13, 2016

I love pamper evenings when you can just relax, have a nice bath and do what ever want. I know some people prefer showers but I think it is lovely to have bath every now and then.

The first thing I do is take my makeup off, so I have a nice clean face I use the Boots cleansing wipes. I used to use the Simply ones but I have found these to be amazing. Next I start running my bath, I normally use a Lush bath bomb but I have run out, so I had some bubbles.

In the bath I will use the Dolly's Mixtures in Fizzy Cherry to wash myself and Herbal Essences shampoo and conditioner. They are super good, the make you hair feel really lovely and soft the also smell AMAZING!
When I am out of the bath I will put on some pyjamas and then apply a face mask, while my mask is drying I will chill, go on my phone and it is I will peel it off.
I will the watch a bit of YouTube until I go to bed.
So that is what I do on a pamper night.

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